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Animal Disease Traceability

SD Animal Industry Board Mission Statement

To prevent the importation of animal diseases in the state by requiring health certificates, permits, and tests on all imported animals; to provide animal identification systems for maintenance of animal health and food safety; to maintain an adequate surveillance system for disease by testing blood and tissue samples for Brucellosis and Tuberculosis from cattle and swine slaughtered; to test swine for Pseudorabies; to inspect and test for emerging diseases, emergency diseases, and eradicated diseases; to conduct and control eradication programs both mandatory and voluntary certification programs in brucellosis and pseudorabies in the state; to regulate the livestock auction markets and dealers by inspecting, licensing, and bonding; to license and inspect rendering plants and enforce the disposal of dead animals; to enforce the animal welfare laws (inhumane treatment) of livestock; to regulate the breeding, raising, producing, marketing, and distribution of certain nondomestic animals; to give an ante mortem and post mortem inspection of slaughtered animals; to perform processing inspection; and to inspect each custom exempt facility for sanitation.

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