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Accredited Veterinarian Information

Reportable Diseases


Johne's Disease



Official Identification

  • Official Ear tags
    • RFID "840" tags-
      • Order from tag manufacturers or veterinary supply company
      • Must have a national premises ID to receive tags
    • Metal National Uniform Ear Tagging System (NUES) tags-
  • Official tag distribution forms
  • Using official tags
    • Always use Official ID for official documents (ex: ICVI's, TB Tests, brucellosis tests, etc.)
    • Animals should be identified with one official tag.
    • Do not apply additional official tags to animals that are already officially identified, unless allowed by a state or federal animal health official.
    • If an animal has more than one official tag, all tags must be read and recorded on any official documents. None of the tags may be removed unless approved by an animal health official.
  • Apply for a Premises ID Number

Animal Movement

  • Interstate Import Requirements
  • Interstate Export Requirements
  • Intrastate
    • State regulations require that all cattle and bison over 18 months of age sold within the state for breeding purposes must be officially identified
      • Applies to all sales - public and private
      • Official ID: metal USDA tags, RFID "840" tags, registration tattoos
      • Official change of ownership reports are submitted to SDAIB by licensed and accredited veterinarians
  • Change of ownership form
  • Interstate Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (ICVIs)
    • Federal regulations require all issued ICVI's to be forwarded to the state office in Pierre within 7 calendar days of the date of issue.
    • Copies of issued ICVI's must be maintained for two years for swine and poultry, and five years for all other livestock species.
    • Electronic ICVI's are available as an option. Click here for more information.
    • The USDA Interstate and Internal Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals can be accessed here
      * This ICVI is not approved for use in many states. Always check with the state of destination before use.
      * This document is not enabled to be sent electronically. When used as an ICVI, copies must be printed out and sent to the state office within 7 calendar days of issue date.
  • EECVI Information
  • SD Approved Tagging Sites - locations approved to officially identify animals that move interstate upon arrival at the tagging site.


Livestock Auction Market Inspecting Veterinarian Handbook

Secure Food Supply Plans

Veterinary Medical Exam Board


  • USDA APHIS Veterinary Services
    Dr. Lynn Tesar
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    (605) 224-6186

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