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Livestock Shows And Animal Exhibition Events

General Requirements

All livestock, including horses, cattle, sheep, poultry, and hogs, originating from within South Dakota and those from other states imported for exhibition must be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). Copies of CVI’s must be presented by the consignors of livestock to the management of the exhibition before the assignment of quarters or space to the livestock.
All out-of-state animals must meet South Dakota importation requirements. No animals showing clinical signs of any infectious, contagious or communicable disease may enter or be at a public exhibition.
Always check with exhibition management for additional requirements.

Management/Organizer Responsibilities

  • Provide a veterinarian
  • Comply with all orders of the Board and the veterinarian
  • Regularly clean and disinfect facilities housing livestock
  • Ensure that any livestock exhibiting symptoms of infectious, contagious, or communicable disease are immediately quarantined or removed from the premises
  • Review exhibitor Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

Veterinarian Responsibilities

  • Visual health inspection of all livestock
  • Administer Animal Industry Board rules
  • Refuse admission of livestock showing signs of any infectious, contagious, or communicable disease, or of livestock not meeting the exhibition entrance requirements.
  • Order any livestock exhibiting symptoms of infectious, contagious, or communicable disease to be immediately quarantined or removed from the premises
  • Supervise cleaning and disinfection of the facilities
  • Review exhibitor Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

Exhibitor Responsibilities

  • Bring only healthy livestock to the event, those that have not been exposed to nor showing symptoms of infectious, contagious, or communicable disease
  • Consult a veterinarian for livestock health concerns
  • Obtain a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for the event


The SD Animal Industry Board (SD AIB) encourages careful consideration for Biosecurity and the potential for transmission of Zoonotic Diseases at events.

Zoonotic diseases (ie zoonoses) are diseases transmitted between animals and humans. The SD AIB recognizes that contact with animals at fairs, petting zoos, schools, and other exhibitions, provides opportunities for entertainment and education. Understanding how zoonotic germs can be transmitted will aid in developing mitigation strategies to ensure that both spectators and participants have a positive and enjoyable experience. The following links provide resources with more information about zoonoses, biosecurity, and prevention strategies.

• IGrowSDSU Extension

• Biosecurity toolkit for equine events

• The Center for Food Security & Public Health

• A Champions Guide to Youth Swine Exhibition: Biosecurity & Your Pig Project

• NASPHV: Compendium of Measures to Prevent Disease Associated with Animals in Public Settings, 2013

General Animal Health Requirements Checklist:

 Health Certificate – Issued by an Accredited Veterinarian within the 30 days prior to the event
 Official Identification – listed on the health certificate
 Testing – participants will need to work with their veterinarian to fulfill any testing requirements
 Import Permit – animals originating from states other than South Dakota

Dogs and cats are exempt from the health certificate requirement, provided that:

1. They do not originate from a rabies quarantined premises
2. If they originate from a state other than SD they must be with their owners and stay in SD no longer than 30 days
3. They MUST have a current rabies vaccination
4. They Must be free from any signs of communicable, infectious, contagious diseases.

Everyone wins when animal health regulations are followed, a sound biosecurity plan is implemented, and all participants go home and remain healthy.