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Bovine TB in South Dakota

March 24, 2017


Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) was identified in three beef cows during routine slaughter inspection by USDA Food Safety Inspection Service inspectors at two Nebraska slaughter plants in February, 2017. The cows had been in feedlots in Nebraska and South Dakota since November, 2016. Market records were used to identify the herd of origin, which was tested by state and federal animal health officials, revealing additional infected animals. The herd remains quarantined and 41 infected animals have been removed from the herd. Final disposition of remaining animals in the herd is being determined.


Number of adjacent Herds Quarantined 9
Number of adjacent Herds Released from Quarantine 4

Number of Trace Out Investigation Herds in SD 58
Number of Trace Out States 12: ND, MT, WY, CO, NE, KS, OK, MN, IA, MO, AR, TX
Total Cattle Tested in SD (March 24, 2017) 6,111

AIB is gathering additional information this week as animals of interest from neighboring and trace out herds are necropsied.

We continue to work with the USDA on options for disposition of the index herd.

South Dakota Wildlife Surveillance for Bovine TB

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (SDGFP) is working with South Dakota Animal Industry Board (SDAIB) to implement a wildlife surveillance plan to assist in the monitoring of this TB incident and to determine if wildlife within the affected area have been exposed or may be carrying the disease. The objective is to implement a surveillance program which will consist of both a short-term and long-term surveillance effort.

Short-term surveillance will occur the last week of March 2017, with SDGFP utilizing targeted collection of white-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn, coyote, and other small mammals such as raccoons, opossum, red fox and badgers from a targeted sample area.

Current plans for long-term surveillance will include working with landowners and hunters during the 2017 hunting seasons to obtain samples from hunter harvested deer and pronghorn. Results from these two surveillance efforts will help determine if any additional sampling efforts are needed.

SDGFP is working closely with veterinarians from both SDAIB and the United States Department of Agriculture-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS), South Dakota State University Diagnostics Laboratory, and the USDA APHIS National Veterinary Services Laboratory to determine appropriate sample sizes, inspection of specimens, sampling protocols and lab submissions. Laboratory results will be shared as they become available and every effort will be made to salvage the meat from sampled deer and pronghorn.