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Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

**UPDATE-CWD was confirmed in a Captive Cervid herd in Clark County, South Dakota March 14, 2019. The herd is under quarantine and the SD Animal Industry Board is working in cooperation with USDA to investigate the first case found in SD captive cervids since 2001.**

Chronic Wasting Disease was not identified in the farmed cervid herds in the state in FY 2018. Currently, South Dakota has 31 farmed cervid herds participating in the voluntary CWD surveillance program. CWD surveullance was changed from mandatory to voluntary in 2012 with South Dakota's being one of the first states recognized by USDA as having an approved CWD Herd Certification Program in November, 2012. This Program resulted in CWD testing of 75 eligible animals in FY 2018.

Since CWD was identified in farmed cervids in SD in late 1997 and the mandatory CWD Surveillance program was implemented in 1998, a total of 6,935 farmed cervids have been tested for CWD in South Dakota. These number show an excellent surveillance program and the continuing cooperation of the cervid industry in SD.

As of June 25, 2018 there have been 26,800 wild cervids sampled for CWD under South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks direction with 353 positive results. These positive results have been from the known CWD endemic area in and around the Black Hills region of southwestern South Dakota.

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