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Mission Statement

To prevent the importation of animal diseases in the state by requirement of health certificates, permits, and required tests on all imported animals. To maintain an adequate surveillance system for disease by testing blood and tissue samples for Brucellosis and Tuberculosis from cattle and swine slaughtered and swine for Pseudorabies. The surveillance also includes inspections and testing for emerging diseases, emergency diseases, and eradicated diseases. To conduct specific disease control and eradication programs. To regulate the livestock auction markets and livestock dealers by inspection, licensing and bonding. To license and inspect rendering plants and enforce the disposal of dead animals. To enforce the animal welfare laws (inhumane treatment) of livestock. To regulate the breeding, raising, producing, marketing and distribution of certain non domestic animals. To maintain the South Dakota Meat Inspection Program as a service to protect the consumers of South Dakota. This is maintained under a "Self Certification Program" as an equal to Federal Meat Inspection Program.