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Premises Identification Number (PIN)

  • Premises identification number (PIN): a unique code that is permanently assigned by the State of South Dakota to a single physical location. A PIN can be considered an "account number" for a location involved with livestock.
  • PINs are used by animal health officials
    • as a means to identifying a premises involved in an animal health event
    • to locate and notify producers who may be involved in an animal health event and whose herds may be at risk
  • PINs are used by producers
    • to purchase official identification eartags
    • to verify premises location when participating in process verification programs such as Pork Quality Assurance (PQA)
    • to provide contact information to animal health officials in the event that notification is needed during an animal health event

To apply for a PIN, please choose one of the following:

  1. Complete an application
    Mail, fax, or email the completed form to the SD Animal Industry Board

  2. Call the SD AIB and apply over the phone: 605-773-3321

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have forgotten my PIN?
    • Please contact SDAIB if you have forgotten your PIN

  • Should I apply for more than one premises?
    • SDAIB encourages producers to aquire a single PIN per operation. However, you may apply for more that one PIN if livestock are managed at different locations

  • What if I need a PIN but I am not the landowner?
    • In the event that the owner / manager of the livestock is not the owner / manager of the land, SDAIB prefers that the owner / manager of the livestock apply for the PIN.

  • What if there are changes to my premises information?
    • SDAIB recommends that you periodically review and update you information to keep it as current as possible
    • Please notify the SD Animal Industry Board when any changes occur.

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