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Electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI) options available for veterinarians licensed and accredited in South Dakota:

SD eCVI pdf

  • Fillable PDF form available at no charge. No internet needed to complete the certificate.
  • Requires Adobe Reader (free) and takes little effort to get started.
  • Once all highlighted areas are completed, the certificate is ready to issue.
  • Certificates can be emailed to the client or printed.
  • Certificates must be emailed by the issuing veterinarian to the State Veterinarian's office within 7 days of the inspection date – copies are not automatically sent.
  • Each veterinarian who wishes to use this option must complete the eCVI Veterinarian Agreement Form and either fax or email it to the SDAIB. To access the agreement, please click here.
  • eCVI Instructions

AgMove (formerly AgView)

  • Available on iOS, Android, and desktop platforms
  • Both large and small animals CVIs available
  • Issued CVIs are automatically sent to the states of origin and destination
  • CVIs can be created offline, allowing veterinarians to use the product in the field
  • Clinic accounts allow for veterinarians and animal health support staff to collaborate on CVI creation and submission, creating a more efficient CVI process
  • Allows the import of official animal IDs and other data from a spreadsheet
  • Go to to register from a desktop, or download the AgView app for free from the Apple App Store or Google PlayStore.
  • There is a $3 per CVI charge with no monthly account fee.
  • Please click the following links for more information: AgView Overview; AgView Mobile App

Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS):


  • Developed and administered by USDA/APHIS.
  • Approved for use in all States.
  • No cost to accredited veterinarian.

Click here for a template to upload multiple animal IDs into VSPS.

Requires Level 2 eAuthentication with USDA.
e-Authentication is a registration process that enables users to securely access USDA Web applications and services via the Internet. Accredited veterinarians already may have Level 1 eAuthentication if they have renewed their accreditation on-line. The steps for creating a Level 2 eAuthentication account may be found on the following website: Click on "Create an Account." On the next page select either "Request Level 2 Access," or "Changing from Level 1 Access to Level 2 Access." Follow the on-line instructions.

Click here for VSPS User Guides

Contacts available for assistance are listed in the document below:

Other options provided:

  • Generation of test records
  • Veterinary accreditation information

Global Vet Link (GVL)


  • Private company. Monthly fee and costs per certificate are charged to issuing veterinary clinic.
  • Producers may have an account to access their own CVI’s.
  • Approved for use in all States.

Other options provided:

  • Electronic EIA test charts and laboratory submission.
  • Electronic VFDs.



  • Private company. Costs per certificate are charged to issuing veterinary clinic.
  • One page format that looks like a paper CVI.
  • Vet-Sentry eCVI’s are approved for interstate use in SD. Please check with the other shipping/receiving State before issuing a Vet-Sentry eCVI.



  • Private company (New Planet Technologies).
  • Mobile application available for SmartPhone.
  • Monthly fee – costs per CVI depends on number of CVIs issued per month.
  • Free trial offered.
  • Smart-ICVIs are approved for interstate use in SD. Please check with the other shipping/receiving State before issuing a Smart-ICVI.