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Elk and Deer

Cervidae(All Elk, Deer, Caribou, Hybrids, etc...)

INTERSTATE Movement of Cervidae to South Dakota

*All permits must be issued by an Animal Industry Board veterinarian between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

  1. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and permit number issued by an Animal Industry Board veterinarian. Import permits are valid for 15 days.
  2. Individual official ID (ear tag #s or microchip) AND a plastic ear tag # listed on the CVI.
  3. TUBERCULOSIS: Negative TB test of herd of origin within one year prior to entry AND Negative single-cervical test or Dual Path Platform (DPP) test of individual animals within 90 days prior to entry.
    1. DPP test is approved only for elk, red deer, white-tailed deer, fallow deer, and reindeer.
    2. Negative TB test exception: Animals coming from an Accredited Tuberculosis Free herd with a current test date.
  4. CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE: The following statements MUST appear on the CVI:

    1. "All cervidae identified on this certificate of veterinary inspection originate from a herd which has been determined to have certified CWD cervid herd status by the animal health official of the State of South Dakota." and;

    2. All certificates of veterinary inspection also must have the following statement with the signature of the cervid owner attesting validity. "No animal has ever originated from, or been a member of a herd, where CWD has been diagnosed, or been a member of a CWD traceback or traceforward herd in the past five years."

  5. Owner must also sign the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection verifying the statements are true and accurate.